Page 332 of De Humani Corporis Fabrica

Page 332 of De humani corporis fabrica

This website is currently a bit of a mess, because my thoughts are a bit of a mess.

My name is Nate, and I am an artist/designer/occasional-freelancer. Currently I spend most of my time doing research and stuff at the University of Toronto where I’m working on a PhD in urban planning. I started this site a few years ago when I was out of undergrad and working on being self-employed in the various fields of cartography and fashion design. Vesalius Design was going to be my trademark. One year into doing that though, I started a master’s degree rather unexpectedly (it paid the bills and was fun), and that’s sort of kept me slightly too busy to keep thinking along the lines on which this site was founded. Still, while I may enjoy certain parts of academia, I’d also love to do more art, and work more on the things that I was excited about back in 2012 or so because I’m still excited about them now.

What that will look like is still developing, but I know it will center on some of the following themes:

‘Fashion’ design: One of my biggest pet peeves is seeing people in ill-fitting clothing. Not that the armscye is off their shoulder, but that they look like they’re wearing a costume provided to them by the fashion industry; that’s when boring people dress up. What’s worse is when really interesting people can’t find the clothes to match their thoughts. It’s tremendously disharmonious, and it makes it hard to meet interesting people if you can’t just spot them. There should be a harmony between book and cover.

Cartography: I’m very interested in information-dense maps. I like maps, paper maps, that let you ‘zoom in’ and see things at different scales.

Naturalism: This is mostly the result of my partner’s work. He’s an artist and a naturalist and the kind of person who deserves to be very well dressed. Through many discussions over the years, we’ve been developing a number of more philosophical lines of thought in this area.

… more to come…